Optex Excellence

periscope / borescope lens system

Workhouse shoot: Director of Photography: Marc Appeltans / Production: Freelance Camera bv
Porsche shoot: Director & Cinematographer: Bjorn Tagemose / Production:  SHOOTTHEARTIST


The Optex Excellence probe/periscope system is an engineering masterpiece in the world of probe lenses.


It is the worlds first modular probe system, the operator is able to utilize the system as a probe, 45° periscope or 90° periscope and can trust that the image will maintain continuity no matter what.


We ship standard with the Super 35 PL-mount module

Available on request: 
  • 2/3" - B4-module
  • Super-16 - PL-mount
  • Micro Four Thirds - MFT mount
  • APS-C - EF-mount

9,5kg - 54x41x21cm
9,5kg - 54x41x21cm